Calculate the Cost of Leveling a WoW Profession via the Auction House


Determines how much a WoW profession would cost if you bought everything from the AH.



Go to and download the Market Data XML file for your particular realm. Put this file into the data directory. Then, just run professioncost.exe.


  Profession            Low     High    Median  Average
  Alchemy               3697g   3697g   3697g   3697g
  Leatherworking        7488g   8866g   8134g   8177g
  Engineering           8374g   8374g   8374g   8374g
  Tailoring             11834g  11834g  11834g  11834g
  Jewelcrafting         12451g  13051g  12703g  12751g
  Inscription           1725g   26017g  5915g   13871g
  Blacksmithing         16430g  16592g  16511g  16511g
  Enchanting            18105g  18105g  18105g  18105g

  Profession            Low     High    Median  Average
  Alchemy               4060g   4060g   4060g   4060g
  Inscription           1417g   10241g  4359g   5829g
  Engineering           8308g   8308g   8308g   8308g
  Enchanting            11203g  11203g  11203g  11203g
  Blacksmithing         17997g  18368g  18183g  18183g
  Leatherworking        17999g  24804g  21419g  21401g
  Jewelcrafting         23729g  24955g  24200g  24342g
  Tailoring             25562g  25562g  25562g  25562g

MorphGEN - an Application That Helps in Generating TMorph Codes for WoW

This is an application that will help you in generating codes for the program TMorph. Get MorphGEN here.

It supports the following websites:

I’ve also been testing out a new interface. Not sure if I’m going to release it or not, because it depends on a web browser (using Chrome in application mode in this case).

I could eventually release it as a web application so people don’t have to download anything. We’ll see.

Download the TMorph generator here:


Bitpim Contacts CSV to Google Voice/gmail CSV

I’ve had Google Voice for a while and I wanted to transfer my list of contacts from my phone to it. So, I decided to make a simple python script to convert the CSV contacts export from Bitpim to something that Google voice could import. This code is not exhaustive whatsoever. Modify it at will.

Nokia 6100/6610 LCD PIC24H Minibully

I recently bought a Nokia 6100 LCD from Ebay because I am in an LCD craze phase. Since I have no need for this LCD right now, I decided to port some code over to the PIC24H minibully from Sparkfun.



Here is the pin mapping I used to connect the LCD. You can change what pins the LCD uses by changing the defines (LCD_RES, LCD_DIO, LCD_SCK, LCD_CS) inside lcd.h.

Minibully PIC Function
8 B8 RES
A3 B1 CS


The code is based on the work done by AtomSoftTech. The person there made it for the PIC18F and I ported it to the minibully.

nokia 6610

Simple Sanguino Clock Prototype

I’ve been wanting to make my own alarm clock for some time now, since I’m unsatisfied with any alarm clock on the market (neglecting overpriced ones). I just made a quick prototype to see if I liked it or not.

Parts used

I also used a USB BUB Board from Moderndevice to program the Sanguino. I have to say, I really LOVE these two companies. They have great products at great prices, and their tech support is phenomenal (I’ve had to use them both).

Source code

There is no alarm code inside the source. I was merely just testing to see if I would like the setup or not.


In my real design, I don’t think I want to use a 20x4 character LCD as it is very hard to tell the time from a distance. I’ll be looking into either a monochrome graphic LCD or a color LCD.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Electronic brick- Real Time Clock Module